Oedipus Rex (part 1)
Updated: 12/19/2019
Oedipus Rex (part 1)
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  • My lord, I have some disturbing new for you.The prophecy I foresee is your child being your murderer and marrying your wife.
  • Aggghh!Men, Get Him!
  • No! My Lord!
  • I solved it!
  • Great Oedipus, you can become king and marry the queen!
  • A long time ago, a child was born from the King and Queen of Thebes.It was happy news for the rulers until a blind prophet named Tiresias told them a cruel and wicked prophecy.Their child was to grow up, kill his father and marry his mother.After they heard about what was going to happen, the King and Queen decided to leave their child in the mountain to die.
  • It seems like you are the one that murder Laius.You wanted the crown!!
  • The reason for the plague is my brother's murder.We must punish the murderer.
  • As like the prophecy had been told, Oedipus was rescued by a shepherd.The shepherd brought him to the King and Queen Corinth who raised him like it was their own.Oedipus then grew up to murder his father where the three roads meet.Oedipus did not realize it that the person he killed was actually his father.
  • Creon you worked with Tiresias and plotted it!
  • Oedipus is accusing me of murdering my brother!
  • What's with all this commotion?
  • After solving the Sphinx,Oedipus is the became the King of Thebes and marries the queen Jocasta.Laius was the King before Oedipus before he got murdered.After the murder, Thebes was hit with a deadly plague.After mistakenly thinking that he cured the plague, Oedipus tries to find the real reason for it.
  • I recalled a shocking memory when you said that.Call the witness!
  • Laius was killed by a group of bandits where the three roads meet.The witness said it was a group.
  • Oedipus learns from Creon that the cause of the plague is actually the murderer of Laius, the former king.Should the murderer be punished, the city will be cured from the disease.Oedipus accuses Creon of being the murdering his brother for the crown while continuing to being arrogant to the truth.
  • Jocasta heard all the commotion outside and came out to stop it.While trying to prove Oedipus's innocence, she revealed that the former king was killed where the three roads met.Oedipus saw a shocking memory when Jocasta mentioned that.
  • Oedipus is now suspicious of himself and calls the witness that survived in order to learn the truth about Laius's murder.Jocasta requested an order for the witness to come and they both head in to the palace.
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