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Story board Cellular respiration connections
Updated: 10/18/2020
Story board Cellular respiration connections
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Russel wilson

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  • Russel Wilson 2009- 325 consecutive passes without an interception for NC State- NCAA record (still standing, followed by another NC State QB)
  • One of my favorite successful football players of all time is russel wilson and he was able to beat a NCAA passing record
  • Russel Wilson throwing the record pass against Gardner Webb
  • Score:NC State: 45G-Webb:14
  • Russel Wilson on the sideline making sure he drinks water
  • Make sure you refuel for the next drive
  • while Russel Wilson did this record his cells were constantly doing cellular respiration, creating ATP so he could keep playing.
  • Later at my house
  • while he is throwing this pass he is breathing in oxygen. his mitochondria are also producing a lot of ATP while he is doing this creating energy for him to throw the ball.
  • Photosynthesis and fermentation inside my house
  • While he is drinking his water he is also taking in oxygen and putting out carbon dioxide. He is drinking Gatorade which has glucose in it giving him quick energy
  • wrapping it up.
  • Later the Co2 that Russel Wilson put out during his game makes it's way over to my house, through the carbon cycle. ready to be used by plants for photosynthesis.
  • c'mon man
  • When the Carbon dioxide reaches my house it makes it's way inside. And when it gets inside the poinsettia's are ready to take it in. When they do so they bring it straight to the chloroplasts and combine it with light energy and water, to do photosynthesis. then also causing ATP to be created through alcoholic fermentation. There are factors inside and outside of the cells that can affect the process of photosynthesis and fermentation. for example the amount of sunlight the plant gets and the temperature outside and inside of the cells.
  • Because of Russel Wilson's Cells using oxygen to do cellular respiration and create ATP The flowers in my house are able to then do photosynthesis from his co2 and on top of that takes in other molecules and combines them to do fermentation to transform more energy.
  • Because of the many factors that affect respiration and photosynthesis each process has a connection to other organisms whether its plants or animals the molecule cycles find a way for the molecules to make it where they need to go
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