Unknown Story
Updated: 6/2/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Peter and Judy were very bored after being left home alone so they left to the park and found a board game saying fun for some but not for all so they curiously take it home.
  • they set the board game down and play the game Judy reads the instructions as peters just wants to gt started already. Judy gives the dice to Peter and tells him to roll first
  • Judy tells Peter to look back slowly in a scared voice, so Peter looks back to see a lion on the piano licking its lips. Peter runs away with the lion on his back just a whisker away. eventually the lion got its head stuck under the bed.
  • Judy walks in the kitchen and sees Monkeys toring apart the house and eating all of the food and making a huge mess
  • They run back to finish the game but they realise the rhino on the way back and the massive python just vibing by the fireplace
  • Judy needs to roll a double 6 so she shuffles the dice and hopes for a double six as the massive python starts slithering towards Judy. Judy realizes the dice when it land it was like a miracle double six she moves her piece to the end and shouts jumanji.