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Eng task week 4
Updated: 5/21/2020
Eng task week 4
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  • I wish i was as good at science as him
  • I a science guy doing science things.
  • Green light aaaa
  • After 4000 years, Kai pulled himself out of the cast and started making the world again, and then found a way to get Bryant out of the cast as well.
  • Thanks for getting me out from the stone
  • Easily done, now we need to work on making the world again
  • While Kai and Bryant were out gathering materials, a tiger found them and were going to kill them, but there was a person behind them who they could break out of the mould and see of they could help them, do they did.
  • OK!
  • Quick!, put the serum on the person
  • Colt, after he understood what was going on, left the two and went off on his own to rule over his own kingdom because his ideals were different to Kai or Bryant's
  • Come back colt!
  • See u later!
  • After Colt had got some people who he knew would be on hside, he freed them, however one went back to Kai and Bryant without him knowing and eventually killed him behind his back. And so Kai and Bryant with the help of some others, rebult the world.
  • Yay!
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