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Giver:Final Project due Wed. 4/29
Updated: 4/28/2020
Giver:Final Project due Wed. 4/29
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  • I'm feeling nervous about the ceremony of twelve.
  • It's ok, everybody feels nervous before the Ceremomy
  • Fiona has been chosen to work at the house of the old.
  • Jonas has a very special job. He has been chosen to be the new Reciever of Memory.
  • I will now give you your first memory of real pain. If you remember the nice sled ride I gave you before, here's one that's not so nice.
  • ok, I'm ready.
  • Jonas sit's in the dining room with his family and the visiting newchild, Gabriel. He feels nervous about the ceremony of twelve, where he will recive his assignment, because he is worried that he won't like it.
  • Mmm...hmm...
  • He- he killed it!
  • Jonas's name is skipped at the ceremony of twelve, but he can't figure out why he didn't deserve his assignment. He is then chosen to be the new Reciever of Memory, which has a lot of honor, but he will have to go through physical pain and train apart from everyone else.
  • Maybe we could...
  • We should make them feel what it's like to have all these awful memories
  • C'mon Gabe, we have to go quickly
  • The Giver trasmitts a memory to Jonas. He get's his first memory of pain. He is riding a sled down a hill, and he falls off and breaks his leg.
  • Shhhh!
  • Hold tight, Gabe, we're almost there!
  • Jonas watches his first release, and realizes that it's not at all like what people made it out to be. The people who are released get injected with something that kills them.
  • Jonas and the Giver think of a plan to get back at the community for making them hold all the greif and pain of the past. But on the night of the plan, Jonas hears that Gabriel might be released, so he takes Gabriel with him, away from the community.
  • Jonas and Gabriel ride through the night, but in the day, they have to watch out for search planes. Jonas gives Gabriel the memory of snow, and turns them both cold, so the planes can't detect their heat. Then one day, the planes don't come at all, and Jonas finds the hill from the memory of the sled. They both sled down with the feeling of love.
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