Islamic Expansion Comic
Updated: 1/21/2020
Islamic Expansion Comic
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  • After Muhammad dies, Abu Bakr takes control Islam.
  • I was chosen, because I was Muhammad's first convert and I am a caliph.
  • I battle other countries to expand Islam.
  • I'm going to shoot you with this bow and arrow.
  • I'M GOING TO Kill you for invading our secret lands.
  • How did Muhammad's successor begin expanding Islam?
  • We gave treaties to None-Muslim people to not attack them.
  • The differences between Shia and Sunni is Shia believe that caliph should be descended from Muhammad's family muslims around the world are Sunnies
  • The Umayyads expanded Islam by taking control of trade and moving our capital.
  • The Abbasids governed Islam in 750 they reorganized the government to make it easy to govern.
  • The Umayyads conquered Spain, Muslims in Spain are known as Moors.
  • Dude, how do you know this tuff?
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