Updated: 1/5/2021

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  • One day a lion was resting in the forest. He was sleeping and leaning his body under a tree. Then a mouse ran toward the lion without seeing him asleep in front of him. He was bumping the lion’s face so hard that made him awake.
  • Haha, you will repay my kindness? How can a little creature like you can help me! Well since you’ve made me laugh, I’ll let you go. Moreover, you cannot make me satisfied
  • Rooaarr, how dare you disturb my sleep?
  • I’m sorry my king! I accidentally hit you!
  • Please! Do not eat me my king; I will reply your kindness someday if you let me go!
  • I will not forget your kindness. Thank you
  • I will eat you because you have wakened me up!
  • One day the lion was caught by hunter’s trap. He was trapped in a net installed by hunter. The lion was struggling trying to escape from the net. But all of his efforts were useless because the net was too strong.
  • Please, save me!
  • The mouse that was foraging in the forest heard lion’ screams. The mouse was climbing to the top of the net and began biting rope nets one by one with his sharp teeth. The lion, who initially did not believe, surprised to see what he did.
  • What? You want to save me? Don’t be kidding.
  • Hey, do not be afraid, I’ll help you escape from this bondage
  • After a while the rope broke and the lion was able to get out of the net.
  • Thank you! My little friend, you have freed me. I do not think you can do it.
  • You are welcome my friend. I had promised to repay your kindness someday so I did it.
  • After that they were always together and became good friends in the forest.
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