Part 2
Updated: 1/17/2020
Part 2
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  • Scene 7
  • For me to find out that everyone hates me? I don't care. You wanna know what everyone says about you? They say you're a homeschooled jungle freak who's a less hot version of me. Yeah. So you can take your fake apology and stick it up your hairy--
  • Scene 8
  • Scene 9
  • Regina said what she wanted to say to Cady, and they weren't very nice things.
  • Scene 10
  • Regina didn't see the bus coming.
  • Scene 11
  • And that's how Regina George died. Kidding, she didn't die. But she did get hurt. Some girls say they saw her head go all the way around, but that's just a rumor. I made a promise right then and there that I would undo all the bad stuff I've done.
  • She turned around but it was too late.
  • Scene 12
  • She fell to the ground and died.
  • JUST KIDDING. She didn't die.
  • Meanwhile in the hospital..Regina laid on the hospital bed, and the room was filled with flowers and teddy bears.
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