Literature : Number the stars , Chapter 5
Updated: 5/3/2020
Literature : Number the stars , Chapter 5

Storyboard Description

We see Annemarie and Ellen nervously going to bed , worrying all the while about Ellen´s parents and the possibility of a visit from the Nazis soldiers in the night . The soldiers are suspicious , demanding to know why one child has dark hair while the other two are blonde .

Storyboard Text

  • Of course not . They just like to scare people
  • Do you really think anyone will come ?
  • You should be an actress when you grow up .
  • My father wants me to be a teacher . But maybe I could convince him that I should go to acting school .
  • They won´t really come here, do you think ?
  • Not a million years .
  • That´s the worst thing in the world . To be dead so young . I wouldn´t want the Germans take my family away - to make us live someplace else .
  • Peter and I were somewhere, later there was and accident . Mom and Dad ran to the hospital .Kirsti was already sleep ,while my mom came to stay with me . Later my dad came and told me "Lise had die ".
  • My mom was crying and it was raining . It seem as the whole world was crying . They said , She was hit by a car , but I suppose the street were slippery , and was getting dark , and maybe the driver couldn´t see .There in the corner are all the things of my sister .
  • How did your sister die , Annemarie ?
  • What do you want ? Is something wrong ?
  • Johansen Apartment
  • 4 am 
  • Yes ???? They are our friends
  • I understand your are friend of your neighbors , The Rosen , Mrs. Johansen
  • Please, could you speak more softly ? My children are asleep .
  • 4 am 
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