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Dailynn's project
Updated: 10/3/2018
Dailynn's project
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  • Paleolithic Times
  • We're all going to die out here...
  • Agricultural Revolution
  • Will this be our permanent home?
  • Neolithic Age
  • Mommy, can I pet the chicken
  • I like it here now.
  • In this part of time people were called nomads. Men would hunt for animals to use as food and then they would bring the animals home to feed their families. Women had to go out and pick food by hand and then after that they would go home, feed it to their kids and most of the time they didn't know what the crop was so it would poison the kids and whoever else ate it. No one liked living in period because it was really hard to survive in the condition that they were in. Life was hard and dangerous.
  • This period of time was a revolution. This is when people found out they could grow their own food and not have to go out of their way to get just to hunt or pick food that was far away from their homes. They could have all their crops right by them so they didn't have to go very far to get their food. People also started domestication and lived off of the animals that they had. No one no longer had to be nomads. This was when everyone started to become happy for the first time
  • In the neolithic age, this was when everything was going good for everyone. No one was getting poisoned anymore. (unless something happened to the crops or animals) People had permanent homes instead of moving all the time. They had a surplus amount of food so they could feed everyone at the same time in a good amount. People started laws for the community and started working together to keep everything together. Not everybody was a farmer. There were other important jobs such as a doctor. People also started trading with each other for something one person needed and the other person needed something that they had and then they would trade.
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