Hill House

Updated: 5/20/2020
Hill House

Storyboard Text

  • Luke runs into the meeting room holding a scrapbook.Luke says"I found it in the library," "I swear I found it in the library."Dr. Montague says "Incredible,"Luke begins to read the title.
  • They all gather around the table. Then luke turns the first page.Luke says "You see," Then Luke tells the group he is familiar with the images that make up the scrapbook.Luke also explains that the scrapbook is meant to teach the daughters humility.
  • Luke continues flipping and Eleanor gasps "Poor baby,"Luke begins reading the next lesson, he says "Next comes Hell," and "Don't look if you're squeamish,"Eleanor decides not to look but still would like to be read to.
  • Luck notices something as he's looking and points out "He's burnt away a corner of the page,"The chapter is very disturbing and Theodora jokes about Hugh reading to his daughter "I'll bet he read it to her every night before she went to sleep,"
  • Luke then explains that Eleanor can see chapter Heaven. At the end Dr. Montague adds that the planning of the book seems loving but off putting. "Now the seven deadly sins," Luke says and even thinks Hugh drew this part by himself.
  • Theodora is upset and says "I don't really want to look at any more of it, I think," and sits by Eleanor. Dr and Luke read the pages and comment how awful the parts are. The last being a signature signed in Hugh Crain's own blood. So disturbed Theodora sudders and the Dr comments how unhealthy of a man Hugh is. Theodora curses Hugh Crain and the room is silent for w minute.