cell theory

Updated: 9/11/2020
cell theory

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  • hans and zacharias janssen
  • we created the first microscope
  • rudolf virchow
  • woah these look like rooms, i'll call them cells!
  • robert hooke first discovered that cells look like little rooms
  • conclusion
  • anton van leeuwenhoek
  • he observed living cells through a microscope by making his own
  • matthias schleiden
  • discovered plants are made of cells
  • discovered animals are made of cells
  • theodor schwann
  • discovered living cells come from other cells
  • cell> tissue> organ> organ system> organism
  • For many centuries many people believed in the concept of spontaneous generation, the creation of life from organic matter. Francesco Redi disproved spontaneous generation for large organisms by showing that maggots arose from meat only when flies laid eggs in the meat.