Political Cartoon- Yar
Updated: 3/18/2020
Political Cartoon- Yar

Storyboard Text

  • Texas Governor John Connally
  • November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas
  • President John F. Kennedy
  • First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy
  • Texas School Book Depository Building, 6 stories high. The president, first lady, and governor are passing by in their vechile down below.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Lee Harvey Oswald fires his gun 3 times. He wounded President John F. Kennedy, and severely injured the governor. Oswald was in custody when Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, fatally shot him.
  • 30 minutes later...
  • Ma'am, I'm extremely sorry to tell you that he has, well, passed away.
  • John F. Kennedy had taken office during The Cold War, and accomplished so much in his life. One example is stated on pbs.org, "When the Soviets began to install missiles in Cuba in late 1962, Kennedy demanded their removal, then skillfully transacted a diplomatic settlement which kept the two enemies at peace." He was also a great father, husband, family member, and friend to many, yet at the age of 46, he had to give up his position (due to obvious reasons).We will always remember him as an important person in American history.