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Murder mystery storyboard
Updated: 11/29/2017
Murder mystery storyboard
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  • On Saturday the 16th September, a young 12 year old boy named Charlie disappeared from his home. His Mother grew more worried every day, having searched for hours on end but finding nothing. She told the police and they began investigating right away.
  • A search party of police were out searching for clues as to what could have happened to Charlie, when they found a pair of shoes and his bike which seemed to be broken. These were immediately taken to the lab and examined, where they were confirmed to have his DNA on them.
  • The next day, his mum received a letter in the post. She opened it and what was inside sent a chill down her spine. it was a letter that read "Mum, its Charlie. I don't know where i am and i don't know how i got here but you need to save me. I'm in some kind of dark basement and whoevers kidnapped me wont stop saying how they've got a special treat for them if I come up and join them. It sounds like an old woman. I'm so scared, please help me."
  • Straight away, one person came into her mind: her dead husbands own mother, Noria, whom she hadn't made any sort of contact with for years, since he was killed in a car crash. Noria had blamed her for his death, insisting that she made it happen on purpose. And the last thing Noria had ever said to her is "I will get my revenge on you" Knowing right away that this was her doing, Charlie's mum went to the police and insisted that they found were this crazy woman lived.
  • Within a few days, Noria's address had been found, however it was clear that she was trying to hide herself well. Charlie's mum went with a group of policemen to her home which was a good 2 hours away and the whole time she was worried sick, wondering if this woman would be so sick as to do something like this. When they arrived , it seemed as if Noria wasn't home.
  • It didn't take long to find the basement that Charlie seemed to be talking about in the letter. He was foud, without injuries but shocked at his experience. Noria returned home and was arrested and put in ail.
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