Chapters 4-6 Outsiders

Updated: 9/16/2021
Chapters 4-6 Outsiders

Storyboard Text

  • We had gotten into a fight with the socs, and Johnny had ended up killing someone to save me. We went off to find Dally to get some help. We ran to find him at Buck Merril's place and knocked on the door.
  • There we talked to Dally and he gave us some advice. He also gave Johnny and I some supplies. We started heading to our destination, but first we had to hop a train.
  • We arrived in the middle of nowhere. I had to ask a local where to go next because Johnny and I had to find Jay Mountain. Then we could stay at the church on top of the hill.
  • Once we arrived at the church Johnny and I realized what trouble we were in. We changed our appearance and camped out at the Church until Dally came and surprised us.
  • When Dally came he got us something to eat and we all made a decision. Johnny wanted us to turn ourselves in. On the way back to town to turn ourselves in we went past the church we had stayed in. The church was on fire, and I was sure that we had started it.
  • Johnny and I jumped out of the car. Someone had said that there were kids in the building. We had went in the building to save them, then we woke up in a hospital. Next thing I know Soda and Darry were standing over me.