julius ceaser story board
Updated: 1/7/2021
julius ceaser story board

Storyboard Text

  • Act I Scene 2
  • Beware the ides of March
  • Act II
  • It's a bad omen.
  • Don't worry Calpurnia
  • Act III
  • You are too ambitious
  • et tu Brute
  • A soothsayer warns Caesar of the Ides of March
  • Act IV
  • lets get an army
  • Calpurnia has dreams about Casear going to the senate and feels they are bad omens.
  • Act V
  • The conspirators including Brutus, stab and kill Casear.
  • Theme
  • Power to the People!
  • Act IV opens after Brutus and Cassius have fled from Rome. Antony then mentions Brutus and Cassius, telling Octavius that they have raised an army. ... Antony concludes they must build their own army and stop any uprising that Brutus and Cassius might cause.
  • in act V scene 5 Brutus end his life by having Strato killing him.
  • Heroes vs Villains
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