Political Cartoon- Boston Tea Party
Updated: 11/2/2020
Political Cartoon- Boston Tea Party

Storyboard Text

  • Boston, Massachusetts 1773:All colonists are angry and are mobbing due to the new Tea Act even thought it reduces the price of tea. They're marauding one of the British who made taxes and acts who is calling for help here.
  • Help!
  • I'll help you! Surrender colonists or I'll have to use my shotgun!
  • Boston, Massachusetts 1773:Meanwhile, the colonists refuse to cooperate as the tax maker runs away. The colonists don't give the soldier a chance to remove the gun from his back. They sprint towards him to attack him.
  • Boston, Massachusetts 1773:In the end, the colonists beat the soldier after hitting him with hammers and fists, and the soldier doesn't have a chance to lift his gun. The colonists have murdered the soldier for attacking them. The colonists have also set the tax maker's house on fire and ran away. Their hammers have also burned in the fire. So begins the American Revolution.
  • Boston, Massachusetts 1773:The three colonists are back in their home discussing why they're doing this, because one of them doesn't know why.
  • Why are we doing this, my fellow colonists?
  • Max is such an idiot! Why doesn't he know yet that our smugglers don't have jobs anymore. I, Jeff am also a smuggler. I'll let James explain it.
  • Boston, Massachusetts 1773:Jeff thinks that Max doesn't know why they're rebelling over this act. But little does Jeff know, there are other reasons that only James knows.
  • Oh, Jeff! You should know this! We still don't like the tax on tea from the Townshend Acts. Also, we don't like seeing our colonial merchants lose their business.
  • Thank you, James!
  • Boston, Massachusetts 1773:Now, the American colonists are going to start more riots. Eventually these unforgivable taxes and acts and riots will lead to the developing of America as we know it.
  • Let's do it!
  • Alright, let's go find more tax makers houses to burn! We want liberty for America!