Updated: 1/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • A stormy night in whitby, professor Abraham van helsing spends his evening by the fire and his granddaughter Jessica plays the piano they both wait for a guest they are expecting, (camera starts on jessica as the storms goes, then moves to the right to get a shot of Abraham reading his book)
  • As the rain falls a woman with an umbrella walks up to the Van Helsing manor and rings the bell,, (camera is through the top window and spies the umbrella as the woman approches)
  • To answer the bell, the butler goes throug the upstairs hallway and walks down the stairs to open the door, (camera on the butler from his appearence on the landing and follows his steps down the stasirs and to the front door)
  • Butler Carl, answers the door and speak with Mrs Mina Harker, (camera films behind the butler and watches Mina enter the house and asend the stairs and watches her enter the room with Jessica and Abrham)
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