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Updated: 12/3/2018
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  • I know Titanium! It is a transition metal with low density.
  • The Medical Industry uses titanium for implants due to it's lightweight and durability characteristics.
  • How odd, the steel should be strong enough to support a person
  • My implant hurts really bad!!!!
  • Before around 1950, doctors used other metals like steel which proved to have reactions to our bodies ultimately becoming very unhealthy
  • Another benefit to titanium is how long it lasts and how similar it is to human bone, which means you can live a normal life without struggle
  • Although it is rare to develop a hypersensitivity to titanium, it is still possible. Our immune systems can identify any material as toxic and therefore react to that material as such. A study was conducted at the Practice for Dermotology and Environemtnal Medicine ins Isny, Germany, where some patients had presented reactions to titanium based dental implants.
  • Well what could cause a reaction within my body???
  • Good question. One experiment found that titanium releases ions at a faster rate when fluoride is present, increasing the metal's corrosion which could lead to a reaction from your immune system. This however is not likely to occur with an orthopedic bone replacement as fluoride is not common at large amounts. This was discussed in a Biometarials textbook published in 1998, where titanium was placed within different solutions and measured for corrosion.
  • 1. Muller, K. E., & Valentine-Thon, E. (2006). Hypersensitivity to titanium: Clinical and laboratory evidence. doi:November 17, 2006 -Peer reviewed article on Sudies conducted on Dental implant patients, very reliable. 2. Strietzel, R., Hosch, A., Kalbfleisch, H., & Buch, D. (1998). In vitro corrosion of titanium. Biomaterials,19(16), 1495-1499. -Peer reviewed article on an experiment conducted to measure titanium corrosion. 3. Goutam, M., Giriyapura, C., Mishra, S., & Gupta, S. (2014). Titanium Allergy: A Literature Review. Indian Journal of Dermatology. -Another article on how the human body developes allergies to metals like titanium
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