bible compare roles
Updated: 1/12/2021
bible compare roles

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  • 2020
  • 170 AD
  • Where am I? I need to study for finals!
  • Paige lies sleeping in her bed after studying for finals for hours, not knowing of her adventure ahead.
  • Suddenly, she is falling from the sky!
  • Nice, to meet you all, I'm Paige,from the year 2020, and I'm a modern day Christian.
  • Hi, I'm Hannah, I'm a Jew.
  • I'm Aaron, and I'm a Pharisee.
  • She lands in the year 170 AD, not knowing where she is or who lives there.
  • Paige is scared and confused, but then two people come up to her, and they look like they are willing to help her.
  • They all introduce themselves to each other, and tell each other about their religions.
  • Thy decide to go for a walk to talk and discuss about their religions.
  • As far as I can tell, we all come from different religions, who do you see Jesus as?
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