Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 11/5/2018
Romeo and Juliet
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  • Exposition- A fight breaks out on the streets of Verona, Italy between the Montegue’s and the Capulets
  • Rising Action- Romeo sneaks into the capulet party and him and Juliet fall in love at first sight
  • Climax- Tybalt kills Mercutio, then Romeo kills Tybalt out of grief and he is exiled to Mantua
  • Falling action- Juliet drinks a potion to put her in a coma and Romeo is to receive a letter to take her body back to Mantua for them to live happily ever after
  • Falling action pt 2- Romeo goes into Juliet’s tomb to kill himself because he thinks she had died. He meets Paris while he is mourning his soon to be wife and they end up fighting and Romeo kills paris
  • Denoument- Romeo and Juliet kill themselves and the Montegues and Capulets decked to end there fued
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