Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • You dare accuse me?
  • Exposition
  • I AM SORRY *Pant*
  • Rising Action
  • Is everyone saying it or just your uncle?
  • My uncle said that Pokei did it!
  • See ya!
  • Conflict
  • Be safe little man!
  • Melvin runs after the author with a knife because he is being accused.The author just wants to know who killed his kind-hearted grandfather.
  • Climax
  • Two of the kids that always came to grandpa's store came up to the author and told him a rumor.The little kid named Llee quotes that his uncle said "Pokei" did it.
  • Falling Action
  • The other kid Kareem put thoughts in the authors head about going to Pokei's place.The author says he needs protection if he goes over there, in case things get out of hand.The author drops Lee off at the house.
  • Resoulution
  • Kareem shows the author a gun inside of a paper bag that he can use for insurance,The author takes the bag and runs back to the garage to inspect.
  • Here it is, don't get it out the bag man!
  • Lets go look at this back at the shop. *runs*
  • Kareem and the author then both talk about its features and how to use one.Inside the author's head he is wondering how he got a hold to it.
  • This gun already feels like mines
  • You load it, point, and then kill!
  • They make their way out of the garage and Kareem thinks they are on the way to Pokei's house.The author walks up to Kareem's house and tells his parents about his actions.