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Zhang He impact exploration
Updated: 1/22/2020
Zhang He impact exploration
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assignment from W.H. to complete and turn in on Tuesday

Storyboard Text

  • voyage 1-3
  • Voyage 4-6
  • Voyage 7
  • Zheng He had his first voyage at 1405 and lasted to 1407. where he had a huge fleet that went from liujiagan port in taicang province and headed west ward He countined to a similar route in his third and fourth voyage
  • Application of Grapes
  • In his fourth voyage he traveled even further and during this time he revived 19 tributes and diplomatic missions,in his 5th and 6th voyage went even further.
  • Application of Grapes
  • This final voyage led them even further and during this voyage he went and branched off form the main fleet to go to the holy land Mecca. he later died some time after, His exact death is unknown.
  • How did this impact Zheng He
  • achievement: He mad history by making these twelve voyages and establsh multiple trading routes for trade
  • Polotics: after offering many gifts to the country and leaders he met on his voyage he gain there trust and china held political sway over them for 50 years
  • Although he died on his voyage he was very successful and provided a large benefit to the china by establishing trade routes to many places.
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