Wake up Sammy
Updated: 5/9/2020
Wake up Sammy

Storyboard Text

  • Sammy, wake up or else you'll be grounded
  • Sammy, wake up, the doctor is going to come in just a minute
  • You have to wear masks while talking with me okay.
  • What?Sammy?He's still asleep?Oh,I'll fix the problem for you
  • Wake up Sammy or else you will be sick and grounded
  • Oh no!The doctor is going to be here in a minute but Sammy isn't awake!Rachel scolds him but he just said, "Rachel I want to sleep just for 5 more minutes."Rachel can't stand it anymore.She thought of a plan.
  • Uh oh!The doctor is here but Sammy isn't awake!The doctor is smart so he says "Oh, I'll fix the problem for you" What is he going to do?Let's find out what he does.
  • The doctor gathered all his voice from his voice box and he shouted as loud as he can.He said "WAKE UP SAMMY OR ELSE YOU'LL BE SICK AND GROUNDED"
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