Updated: 8/17/2020

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  • Growing up as Emmett
  • Ages 12+
  • Look how beautiful our boy is.
  • It's going to be hard to raise our baby in this country.
  • Emmett where are your parents? They need to pick you up.
  • They are working until late.
  • A story told from the point of view of an African American about growing up in the United States and the injustice that comes with it.
  • I wish my parents could spend the weekend with me instead of working.
  • Hi my name is Emmett and it all started when I was born in 1998. My mother, a nurse, was so happy when she brought me home and my dad, a construction worker, was a little nervous about raising me.
  • Son, growing up as Black man in this country is not easy, you have to be careful.
  • Dad I am scared.
  • When I turned 5, I was excited to start school to make new friends and learn new things. A lot of my friends got picked up from school, but I had to walk home because my parents had to work a lot to take care of us.
  • Oh no, I just hurt my back!
  • I have to get back to work, I need to pay the bills as soon as possible.
  • A lot of my friends go out with their families on the weekend but I wasn’t able to go out much since my parents were always working. Instead I stayed inside and watched movies until they came home.
  • My dad talked to me about the dangers of being a Black man. He explained to me that I wasn’t allowed to do the same activities as my friends, such as play cops and robbers and play with toy guns.
  • My dad was always working very hard. One day at work my dad got a very bad injury, but still had to go to work to make money for our family.