Alxander the Great comic stip 2

Updated: 5/14/2020
Alxander the Great comic stip 2

Storyboard Text

  • Alexander and his army have been eyeing and looking to conquer persia for a long time. So, they had the thought to conquer persia
  • Army, get ready! We shall conquer this land!
  • Alexander did conquered 70 cities and more before he got horribly sick and had his horrible and tragic death when he was only 33 at 323 B.C. He will always be remembered as Alexander the Great and the most important thing, a great leader and a great man
  • You will forever be remembered Alexander!
  • When Alexander was ruling his army, he wanted his people to be included and known as equals. Therefore, he allowed his citizens keep their religions
  • After, Alexander the Great passed away, his empire faded away. This s because the great leaders came together to divide it into 34 different areas.
  • I'll take the North East and you can take the Noth West