the world is not behind a screen
Updated: 2/6/2020
the world is not behind a screen

Storyboard Text

  • I'm YUTUBE and usualy i oly see people's masks not asthey reali are
  • I'm FACEBOOK, i see things written,but i dont realy know the sender or the recipient,they are facade
  • I'm ISTAGRAM behind me a world offirmations but with few reflections
  • are you trying to tell that being on a cell phone, likei do, is wrong?
  • perfect we see that you understand your mistakes
  • you can go now!
  • i'm not goingtoforget
  • what is that light?
  • but don't forget this lesons!
  • that's the exigt
  • it was justadream!tomorrow i will start speding more time outdoors and using less cell phone