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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • Harmartia - Danette
  • I say that you are the murderer you are searching for.
  • Do you think you can say that twice and not pay up for it ?
  • Catharsis -Danette
  • "...murmering words like this he raised his hands and struck his eyes again, and again. and each time the wounded eyes sent a stream of blod down his chin, n oozing flow but a dark shower of it, thick as a hailstorm
  • Tragic Hero -Danette
  • But I will begin afresh. I will bring it all to light. You have done well, Creon, and Apollo has too, to show this solicitude for the murdered man.
  • This scene shows hamartia because Oedipus refuses to believe Tiresias when he reveals that he killed Laius and at the end gets proven wrong.
  • Theme -Danette
  • This scene shows catharsis because while Oedipus stabs his eyes out it causes fear or pity to the audience.
  • Spectacle -Danette
  • You are praying. As for your prayers, if you are willing to hear and acvcept what I say now and so trat the disease, you will find rescue and relief from distress. I shall make a........................
  • This scene shows tragic hero because its an example of when times were good for Oedipus before he had his downfall and all the townspeople had great faith in him.
  • Thought -Danette
  • What is it you are so anxious to have me do?
  • When Oedipus was born and his father heard the news about his son's fate to kill his father and marry his mother, he got rid of him but at the end the prophecy was correct and it was FATE for it to occur.
  • This scene depicts spectacle because during a performance the monologue would include lots of emotion with the moving speech.
  • This shows thought because seeing Oedipus break down after discovering the truth has more of an effect on the audience than when he was in the beginning with all the power and confidence.
  • Banish me from this country as fast as you can--to a place where no man can see or speak to me
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