Updated: 5/8/2020

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  • coraline moves into a new house with her parents. the home is split into 3 parts. her neighbours, miss spink and miss forcible live down in the basement and the crazy man lives up stairs in the attic
  • she has taken our soles and our eyes and trapped us here
  • please help us, find our soles!
  • i have to find my parents and get your soles back
  • you must get out of here alive
  • coraline is bored and wants to play, but her parents don't pay attention to her and tell her to explore the house. she finds a little door and her mum to unlocks it for her, but there is nothing but a brick wall on the other side, coralines mum doesnt unlock the door puts the keys back.
  • i challenge you!!!
  • accepted!
  • one night coraline saw mice go through the door so she goes and finds a tunnel. she goes through it and sees a lady who looks like her mum but she has button eyes and the lady tells her that she is her other mother. coroline likes the other world
  • one day the other mother tells coraline that if she wants to stay here she needs to stitch buttons in her eyes. coraline got scared and went back to there real world. her real parents had diapered. so she went back to the other world to free them because the other mother is evil and took them. the other mother traps coraline in a mirror where she finds 3 ghost children which the other mother trapped and stole there soles.
  • the other mother looked different than before. coraline challenged and said that if she finds her parents and the three ghost childrens soles she lets her free. the challenge was accepted. coraline won and the other mother had triked her bur coraline manaded to escape