the fault in our stars
Updated: 2/7/2020
the fault in our stars

Storyboard Text

  • would you like to come to my house and watch “V for Vendetta” with me
  • yes, I would love to
  • I can’t fall for him, he can’t be someone I hurt when my cancer kills me
  •  Hazel!! I got us two tickets to fly to Amste-rdam and ask Peter Van Houten how the sto-ry ends.
  • omg Augustus!!
  • The main character of the story is a 17 year old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster. Hazel was diagnosed with terminal cancer when she was 13. She attends a support group for others with cancer where she meets Augustus Waters a 17 year old amputee who formally had cancer in his leg. They instantly have a connection. 
  • Hazel has always tried to keep her distance from boys, friends and even some family. The way she sees it if she doesn't develop any type of connection with people her death won't cause many pain. Hazels one wish in life is to not hurt anyone when the terminal cancer finally takes her life. When Hazel realizes she is starting to have feelings for Augustus she gets scared and tries to keep her distance.
  • After Augustus reads Hazels all time favourite book "An Imperial Affliction" he develops the same love Hazel has for the book. However they both really want to know how it ends. At a picnic Augustus surprises Hazel with Make a Wish tickets to Amsterdam to see the author of An Imperial Affliction and discover how it ends.
  • i loved him, i got to love him.
  • Hazel and Augustus arrive in Amsterdam to meet Van Houten and he is a complete jerk to them. They are very disappointed in him however as a result of the trip they have grown closer together. She agrees to have a romantic relationship with him when she discovers his cancer has come back and cannot be treated.
  • Hazel, I am sick again
  • are you gonna be okay?
  • As Agustus's health gets worse Hazel and Gus grow closer together and help eachother through their emotional and physical struggles
  • Augustus passes away but Hazel is grateful she got to spend her time with him. She is grateful she got to love him. Hazel feels comforted by the letter Augustus left her