conflict resolution story board

Updated: 10/20/2020
conflict resolution story board

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  • We want to keep our power!
  • Keep it peaceful!! All we want is a fair government.
  • We want change!!
  • Here are my "Ninety-Two Resolutions"
  • No, we do not want a major reform
  • The citizens of the Canadas were very unhappy with the government and wanted change. The government was undemocratic and didn't get much of a say in their leader and so the citizens took a violent approach to a revolution and started a riot in 1832 where 3 citizens were killed by the British army.
  • At this time, the government wanted to keep their power and wanted Britain to be the most powerful country. The citizens wanted a fair government and for the elected government to have more power. Louis-Joseph Papineau helped keep the protests peaceful but the Patriotes did not.
  • In 1834, Papineau published the "Ninety-Two Resolutions" which was a list of suggestions to reform the government. The Russell Resolution which rejected all the requests Papineau made which meant the British did not want any major reforms.
  • After Papineau fled to the United States and later to France, he returned to Lower Canada after the government finally granted him amnesty. In 1837, a man named William Lyon Mackenzie who was formally elected to the legislature encouraged his supporters to start a revolution after being peaceful failed.
  • In 1838 Lord Durham arrived in Quebec City from Britain to make a report and find out why there had been rebellions and avoid further trouble. He met with many citizens and learned about peoples opinions on the future because the government system had lost much of their influence after the rebellions.
  • After Durham made his report about the Canadas and reported it to the authorities in England, the 3 main concerns were; responsible government, joining Canadas, and the questions of representation and whether or not it should be an equal representation or representation by population.