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The Story of Danica
Updated: 5/22/2020
The Story of Danica
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  • The story of Danica
  • (Questions will be answered at the end)
  • No and that's FINAL. You are far too irresponsible.
  • Just wait before you get all judgy there Mister Mark. Danica knows why she is being punished like this. She stayed up late at a sleepover and got everybody in her family sick... and then half a year later she lost track of time while hanging out with her friend. However, this is why you should let her visit her friends.
  • Seriously... class is in session so shut up.
  • Great job Danica! You're so smart!
  • ?
  • How the heck am I supposed to know what 2 plus 2 is? I'm blond!
  • This is Danica. She's pretty, smrat, and extremely funny. However, she has a major problem. Her dad doesn't let her visit her friends' houses.
  • I'm cranky.
  • I'm hungry. I want McDonalds.
  • Oh shit I didn't do my math yet.
  • Such idiots... *sigh*
  • HAHAHA you suck I took your rook you IDIOT
  • Thank you narrator.
  • Pass!
  • Goodbye cruel world
  • She is great at school and always pays attention in class. She has only ever gotten straight As and she has won several scholarships/awards as a result of her academic excellence. She studies different medical terms every day as well!
  • A+
  • Ms Cupples, the answer is 4!
  • Danica is exTREMEly kind and loving to her brother and kind of her sister Natasha. She plays chess with Dominic every single day and puts him to bed almost every day! She could try to be a little bit kinder to her sister, which is why she is changing. :)
  • MY ROOK!!
  • Also, Danica is very skilled at soccer. Whenever she plays soccer with her siblings and "friends" (too bad Juwon/Rowan) she gives it her all and tries to improve on her soccer moves and her shots as well. She loves soccer and really wants an outdoor season.
  • mamm i sit here when i tired okay
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