amigo brothers
Updated: 12/31/2020
amigo brothers

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  • Amigo Brothers:
  • They grew up together in one of NewYork’s poorest neighborhoods. Theywere more like brothers than friends.At the age of 17, Antonio was fairand thin while Felix was short, darkand husky.They wanted to be championboxers
  • The match was going to be in two weeks’ time. Antonio and Felix continuedtraining together, but they were both nervous about the match.
  • tow weeks before the match
  • Antonio and Felix talk and decide not to meet again until the competition
  • I agree and let's do our best in the competition
  • “I think that we should take a break from eachother – just until the day of the figh
  • The fight was going to take place in a local park. Everyone from theneighborhood was going to be there
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we have all been waiting for – thematch between Antonio Cruz and Felix
  • The bell rang. Felix came out and punched Antonio in the face. Antonio returned the punch withthree of his own. Antonio pushed Felix against the ropes, but Felixsucceeded in getting away from him. He sent two left punches to Antonio’shead! The bell rang the end of round one..
  • Ladies and gentlemn,The winner is
  • The second round was over“Ladies and gentlemen,” shouted the referee. “The winner is …”The referee turned to point to the winner, but he was alone in the ring. Thechampions had already left the ring, arm in arm.