Updated: 9/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • thanks for everything Mrs. Hazelton
  • in this envelope there is information about your origins
  • How Thomas Jefferson died?
  • escaped from jail and was shot in the back by police
  • Mrs. Hazelton gives Cady an envelope about her origins, but she opens it later and decides to go find her origins
  • sheriff beale suffered a stroke
  • I know my son didn't kill anyone, you should talk to sheriff beale
  • sheriff beale was racist
  • Cady arrived at the orrestown cemetery, some children told her how thomas died and a sheriff was waiting for her
  • what I saw in the river is suspicious
  • Who would have given me these photos?
  • The townspeople told Cady that Thomas was a very good person and when he came back from the war he was friends with Patrice LaSalle, a Canadian man
  • I solved the case and discovered that my father was Patrice La Salle
  • Mr. Chisholm is under arrest and you are Sheriff Hicks
  • my son was innocent¡¡
  • Thomas's mom knows he didn't kill Patrice, Cady search for the sheriff in charge of the case but he suffered a stroke
  • cady found out that sheriff beale was racist, then she went to the river to investigate how Patrice died and at night she received a mysterious package with photos
  • cady found in the sheriff's house information about the crime that he, sheriff hicks and Mr. Chisholm committed, in the end they went to jail and cady found out that his father was patrice