comic colombian education
Updated: 3/23/2020
comic colombian education

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, i want speak about Education and Language Policy in Colombia
  • sure, i hear you said of the presented five targeted areasin the implementation
  • the 4. supportingthe use of new informationandcommunicationtechnologies for the teachingof English and 5. consolidating bilingualandtrilingual models in the different ethniccommunities around the country
  • they are five targeted areas
  • 1. developing standards 2.evaluatingcommunicative competence in students3. providing professional development programs for teachers
  • really? apart As presented by Zuluaga (1996, cited by theMejía, 2004) after the colonizationof the "new"continent, Catholic missionarieswere effective inimposing their languages, mainlySpanish, Greek,and Latin.
  • apart is introduced the National BilingualProgram (National Bilingualism Program,Colombia 2004-2019).
  • thanks for the information
  • also, This is howin 2005 the government proceeded to presentthe National Bilingual Program with oneoverarching goal: to makeColombian citizens bilingualin Spanish and English by 201 and inaccordance with international standards
  • just like you a have a happy day
  • i have a good day Miss