How did Buddhism spread?
Updated: 12/18/2019
How did Buddhism spread?
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  • Siddhartha was a prince in Nepal, India in the 6th-century B.C.E. He stayed in the palace/walls with teachers and friends not knowing much about the outside world. He was content.
  • Hi I'm Siddhartha a prince.
  • One day, Siddhartha went out of the palace walls with his friend. When he went out he saw people like a person with no money, a old man, and a corpse.
  • Oh it's just a poor man.
  • Siddhartha was shocked and was not satisfied. So Siddhartha went to the forest. In the forest he tried to find a way to stop suffering and the meaning of life.
  • Please god tell me how to stop suffering and the meaning of life.
  • 6 years later still has no answers. A little girl offered rice and water to him. He accepted. He was now in the middle way. Siddhartha sat down at the bod hi tree and prayed. On the way he had a demon named Mara to battle.
  • God I am now in the middle way please god. I've been praying for 6 years.
  • Siddhartha was praying and found Nirvana. That was when he turned into Buddha. But Buddha didn't wasn't sure about teaching Dharma but Brahma convinced him.
  • Okay, fine.
  • It is better to teach than nothing.
  • Buddha made a religion called Buddhism that started in India. Buddhism went to China by merchants, monks and nuns teaching it, and Buddhists as they moved and traveled. Buddhism taught people the meaning of life and how to stop suffering.
  • Okay deal!
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