Andrew Jackson
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson

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  • Indian Removal Act
  • Andrew Jackson does not deserve to be on the $20 bill.Sources-
  • Should Andrew Jackson be on the $20 bill?
  • I believe that common people should control the government
  • Jacksonian Democracy
  • Although this sounds like a good idea, Jackson only used this for his own benefit in the presidential campaign.
  • States Rights
  • Political power for all people, majority rule
  • It doesn't make him worthy of being on the $20 dollar bill since he attacked wealthier people and blamed them for his wife's death.
  • Whoever voted for me will get a job in the government!
  • I voted for you!
  • War on National Bank
  • Spoils System
  • Practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs
  • He used it to reward his political supporters and believed that people should be rotated from office, which then gives more people a chance to work in the government.
  • This doesn’t make him worthy of being on the dollar bill since he used it for his own advantage to win the presidency.
  • To grant Indian tribes unsettled western prairie land in exchange for their desirable territories within state borders (especially in the Southeast), from which the tribes would be removed.
  • All of the Indians need to leave. Now!
  • Andrew Jackson sent the Native Americans out of their home. This doesn't,make him worthy of being on the bill since that is their rightful home.
  • The federal government has to have more power than the states.
  • I have created the Doctrine of Nullification which gives states the right to void any law
  • State has right to reject federal law between borders
  • Andrew Jackson should've given equal rights to both the states and federal government.
  • South Carolina threatens to secede.Andrew Jackson struggled to keep them in the union but signed the Force Bill and Compromise Tariff Bill in 1833
  • Bank War was the name given to the campaign begun by President Andrew Jackson in 1833 to destroy the Second Bank of the United States
  • The bank has too much power
  • This causes inflation and Jackson leaves office and the nation has false prosperity. He does not deserve to be on the $20 dollar bill because he left the nation in a bad state.
  • Jackson thought that the bank has too much power and favors wealthy. He vetoes the renewal of the bank's charter.