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Updated: 7/23/2020
novel proj

Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1
  • 'Well Atticus, I was just saying to Mr. Cunningham that entailments are bad an' all that, but you said not to worry,it take a long time sometimes...that you'd ride it out together..'
  • Scene 2
  • "you ain't got no business bringin' white chillun here--they got their own church, We got our'n. It is our church ain't it,Miss Cal?"
  • Scene 3
  • I selected this particular event in the story because it is where Scout demonstrates her being courageous and not afraid to stand up for her father. This is very important to show the audience the significance of courage and how it will affect other people when the person you are standing up for has enemies or they don't agree to what you're standing for.
  • I chose this scene because it is where Scout and Jem have kind of experienced racism. They have seen more of what their society really is, about being black is problem in their society. This is important because it tells the readers how it is difficult to fit in a society.
  • I chose this scene because Atticus mentioned about mockingbird which is a symbol of goodness and purity. This is important because it gives the reader the idea that this symbolizes Tom R. and Boo R. that they are both mockingbirds because they are innocent that are misunderstood because of the society they lived in.
  • "Shoot all the bluejays you want,if you can hit 'em , but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird."