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The Lottery
Updated: 9/21/2020
The Lottery
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  • The Gathering/ Tension
  • Mystery
  • Dunbar, Delacroix, Graves, Warner, Watson, Hutchinson
  • It wasn't fair, you didn't give him enough time to pick!!
  • surprise
  • Shut up Tessie!
  • Be a good sport
  • Its the morning of June 27th, the day the lottery takes place in this s mall village. All the people in the village are gathered around in the bank and the post office. They gathered around because it was time for the lottery. This is tension because everyone want to know who is going to win the lottery. The kids are getting out of school and getting pebbles.
  • Death of Tessie
  • It is still June 27th and the lottery has started in the village. Everyone is gathered around to get done with the lottery, there is Mr. summers calling people to come and pick up the paper that could potentially win them the lottery. This is mystery because people don't know who is going to be the one to win the lottery. He call the names one by one by the heads of families and heads of houses. Who ever is the one with the black dot on their paper they are the winners of the lottery.
  • Surprise surprise The Hutchinson's won the lottery !! Even though wining the lottery was not a good thing all along, wining the lottery means someone in your family has to get stones to death. Tessie also known as Mrs. Hutchinson kept on claiming that they didn't give her husband enough time to pick the paper he wanted and that it was unfair. They told her be quiet and that's how the game is, they did another raffle between the Hutchinson's same rules applied whoever gets the black dot wins the lottery. And Tessie was the certainly un-lucky winner, this is surprise because no one knew who the winner would be and they found out that the Hutchinson's were the winners of the lottery.
  • The final thing that happened in the story was that Tessie aka Mrs. Hutchinson won the lottery and got stoned to death. Which is possibly the worse lottery anyone has heard of or even thought of. Even though she kept on screaming it wasn't right and it wasn't fair, the people in the village threw rocks and stones at her until she passed. Mrs. Delacroix grabbed a really big rock that even needed both hands while Mrs. Dunbar grabbed only small pebbles and told Delacroix to keep walking and she will catch up later.
  • It isn't fair it isn't right!!!
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