Updated: 1/16/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • In the exposition of the Scarlet Ibis we are introduced to the rural setting of brother and doodles home, we find out who they are, that they live with parents and aunt Nicey, we also find out that doodle was born with some disabilities and brother is not happy about that. We learn about the area around the home and we find out that he is having a flashback.
  • Rising Action
  • The rising action starts with telling us brothers thoughts about killing doodle, then doodle smiles at him and brother feels that he actually has a brother now.
  • Climax
  • we then learn of how doodle progresses into coming out of the room and learning to talk and then the parents have brother lug him around everywhere he goes and eventually brother teaches him how to walk so he would no longer be embarrassed by doodle and could have a normal brother.
  • Resolution
  • Brother then begins teaching him how to do things such as lie, run, and row a boat so that he can start school when everyone else his age does.
  • The climax happens when they are having breakfast and there was a bird making sounds and they go outside and the bird falls down and dies. Doodle buries him and then the dad says a storm is probably coming, brother and doodle then go to practice rowing but a storm comes and brother pushes him too hard to get back.
  • In the resolution doodle and brother start to run back home and doodle can't keep up and starts yelling don't leave me over and over, doodle falls and brother keeps running, he then stops to wait on doodle but he never comes so brother turns back around and runs for doodle but finds him beneath a bush bleeding badly he then sobs and comes to a realization about the loss of his brothers death and then ends the flashback.
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