English Part 2
Updated: 12/5/2018
English Part 2
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  • What a nerd!
  • please tell me they aren't talking of me
  • Ludovic, my Ddarling, Loraine is getting worst each day, we have to intervine on this situation.
  • Yes, indeed I was going to talk you about that
  • Look, darlng, I understand very well your situation and I know there is something happening with you in the school. I just want you to know you can tell us anything you want, we are here for you.
  • I'm ok!
  • Sweaty, we understand. We all have passed through a hard time at lif, you only have to know how to confront that moment.
  • Everytime the situation was getting worst. It have reached the point she also started thinking that she was ugly and she was not confidence of herself, her self esteem was already very low, her mood changed, now she was almost always sad and scared of what the other think about her.
  • Ok, you are right. The truth is that there are some girls at the schoo that makes fun of my appereance and how I act.
  • Mr. Sir and Katherine started noticing this changes in Loraine, so they started talking and analyzing what was happening to their daughter, after they talkes some time, they decided it was best to ask their own daughter what was happening but they have already some ideas about it.
  • well, we might resolved her problem at school...
  • This conversation was useless...
  • After they (Mr. Sir and Loraine) talked and decided to ask Loraine what was happening to her, they asked her if there was something wrong, she answer that no, that there was all ok again but this time Mr. Sir and Katherine already know that there was something happening to her so they insisted and explained what they think about what was happening.
  • After they insisted and talked with Loraine she accepted that it was true that something was happening as they said, she explained clearly all the situation of the groups of people bullying her, why, when it start, what and how they bullied her and how did it started. Mr. Sir and Katherine understand the situation and supported Loraine, they also talked with them how to handle it.
  • Mr. Sir and Katherine stayed quite after the talk with Loraine thinking everything was ok and that the bullying have stopped, giving no more importance to the theme, however the situation have not stopped and everytime Loraine was worst
  • The situation have reach a critical and extreme point, a point in which Loraine have a deep depression and was thinking of suicide, she was desesperate but he have already talk to school and nothing get better and also with her parents and the same so now she did not know what to do.
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