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Math semester exam
Updated: 12/4/2018
Math semester exam
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  • New lesson : Degrees to π Radians π/180 and 180/π
  • Good morning students today will be learning how to convert degrees to radians and radians to degrees 
  • In this case we refer back to the formula but we use this now to convert π radians to degrees and the formula used is 180/π
  • convert the following to pi: 225° , 360°
  • im so lost
  • We don't understand how to solve them can yous please explain how we use the formula
  • Thank you boys for explaining ,Now Amanda can you answer the first question and Judy can you answer the second ?
  • Daniel and Ahmad can you guys solve this together solve these two ?
  • Yes and the first rule is to see what they want it in so since they want it in pi we use the formula π/180
  • convert the following to pi: 225° , 360°
  • That means that we will have 225° *π/180 = 5π/4 360°*π/180 =2π
  • convert the following to degrees: π/4 , 3π/2
  • With that being said we will multiply π/4 * 180/π = 45° 3π/2 *180/π = 270 ° 
  • convert the following : 1)π/4 , 2)60°
  • okay so since they want it in degrees we use the formula 180/π therefore its will be 1π/2 *180 = 90°
  • convert the following : 1)π/4 , 2)60°
  • From what i understand we are going to use the formula π/180 so 60 * π/180 = π/3
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