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Updated: 2/22/2021
Story Board

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  • #1 Overproduction
  • #2 Variation
  • #3 Envoirment
  • A squid with a camo variation reproduces with a normal gray squid and produces 2 types of squids, a gray-colored offspring, and a camo offspring, but the gray squid have problems with preditors so they know not all of there offspring will survive.
  • #4 Selection
  • The 2 squids each have their own variation, the Non-camo one and the camo one, they produced over time creating some mutations within the squids such as camo
  • #5 Struggle
  • A Shark is nearby and he sees the group of squids, he sees the gray squid better as the other group has camouflaged into their surroundings, so the shark hunts the gray ones
  • #6 Differential Reproduction
  • the Shark was more attracted to the grey non-camouflaged squid because they stood out more making them an easy target and a good food source
  • Because the grey Squid tend to get eaten more they are less likely to grow in population, they could also get hunted until extinction due to natural selection
  • The Camouflaged squid have a higher reproduction rate than the grey squid because the grey are slowly declining in population while the camo are increasing.