The boy who won the tournament
Updated: 5/30/2021
The boy who won the tournament

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  • The Boy Who Won The TournamentDaniel and Chris are best friends. They are childhood friends in their town. They share foods and always together in all activities like playing sports, doing basketball and even went on the same school.
  • By: Daniel Jacob Benavente Pascua
  • I Give Courage to the Hopeless.
  • One day on their way home, after playing basketball, Daniel noticed that Chris looks sad and ask him the matter.
  • It is because my teacher in Sports class wants me to join in a Boxing tournament with Erick . You know that Erick is the strongest kid in the school, And I am just a ordinary kid in school
  • Hi Chris! Why are you sad today?
  • Maybe Erick is the strong especially in fighting because he's training well, but you know Chris you might win if you try! Who knows what's the luck! Besides, you are also strong, Remember when we're playing basketball and our opponent is tough because they are taller and stronger than us, but we managed to win the game right?
  • Daniel as Chris best friend feeling sad of what he heard from Chris and he told him....
  • Oh yeah! I remember it very well! and we are jumping out of joy! After winning the game.
  • That's why Chris! you can when your tournament with Erick as well if you believe in yourself
  • Ok, thanks Daniel I will try then.
  • And so Chris keep on working-out and training everyday and motivating his mind of what Daniel told him.
  • I can do it! I should win this tournament!
  • On the day of the tournament, When Chris is about to go to the Boxing ring, Daniel wave good-luck to Chris, At other side of stage Erick smiling to Chris.
  • Hmn! here's come my lame opponent!
  • I can do this, i will win the fight.