Fareinheit 451
Updated: 1/14/2021
Fareinheit 451

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  • I am Montag. I am a fireman who recently had an odd girl change my life. Im asking alot of questions now about life. I am now trying to start an uprise with faber
  • I am Clarisse. I am young and curios. I've also mysteriously disappeared. I am dead
  • I am Mildred. I am Montag's wife I "accidently" overdosed. I am still not in support of books even after reading some books with Montag.
  • Hi I am Beatty I am Montags chief. I am very intteligent and i know alot about the past. I am very cnfident and now i am trying to convince montag to sta true to the socetal norms of hating books
  • Hi I'm Faber. I'm an older man who's a former professor. I am the "underground" leader of an uprise with montag
  • I'm Granger the leader of the hobo group Montag has joined. I'm quite a smart man
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