Updated: 6/19/2020

Storyboard Description

Heritage Minute Commercial

Storyboard Text

  • 1-Narration: Why is it that I can go about my day without thinking about these women and girls?
  • 2-Narration: How is it possible that Canada has taken so many years to recognize these women that have been missing for decades?
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  • 3-Narration: Indigenous women are 7 times more likely to be murdered by a serial killer than non-Indigenous women.
  • The first scene starts with a young Canadian girl showing how she starts her day by going to a cafe and eating her breakfast before school.
  • 4-Narration: Indigenous women like Amber, Ashley, Nicole, Judy, Tanya, Violet, Ruth and over a thousand others are gone today.
  • The second scene continues to show the Canadian girl go about her day by walking to class and receiving smiles and compliments from her class mates.
  • 5-Narration: Why is it that I can go about my day without thinking about these women and girls?
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  • The third scene emphasizes the Canadian girls' privilege by showing her feel confident while shouting out answers in class. She is relaxed and has nothing to worry about as she is respected by her peers.
  • 6-Narration: Why aren't we all fighting for them? Would you fight for them if they looked like me?
  • The forth scene demonstrates the Canadian girls' success by being athletic, healthy and at the front of the race. Everyone is cheering for her and everyone is supporting her.
  • The fifth scene highlights the fun and play the Canadian girl gets to experience on a day to day. She doesn't have a worry in the world.
  • The sixth scene closes in on the Canadian girl to show the truth behind the hypocrisy of supporting and loving only non-Indigenous girls and women. It forces the viewer to reflect on their own racism and neglect towards the Indigenous, especially the MMIWG.
  • Don't just look away fight for our Indigenous women