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Updated: 9/22/2020
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  • Mountains and Hills
  • The mountains and hills created a barrier so attackers would have a hard time invading. Mountains also provided a source of water for the Romans.
  • Rivers
  • Rivers were also a barrier to attackers because they would have a hard time crossing the rivers. Rivers, like mountains, created a steady source of fresh water. Lakes were also an easy way to transport things from place to place.
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • The Mediterranean Sea, just like the mountains and the rivers, created a natural barrier from attackers. This sea also gave a source of food and was a highway for trading and shipping.
  • Roads
  • Aqueducts
  • Climate
  • Roads were made to be strong and durable and were used for trading, transporting, and for military purposes. Thousands of miles of roads ran throughout Rome.
  • Aqueducts were efficient at bringing water from the mountains and they were well built because many of them are standing today. Aqueducts were essential to the Romans.
  • The climate in Rome was Mediterranean Climate and was warm during the summers and this supported agriculture year round, just like California.
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