Updated: 3/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • PECS has been of huge benefit to Ali's holistic development. With the assistance of PECS Ali has successfully implemented O'Brien and O'Briend five accomplishments of daily living. This is a great achievement for our service user- Ali. However, I am aware that all our service users are unique. Therefore I have researched alternative technology supports for those with Austism. Having collective knowledge will assist me in my futre role as a SCW.
  • IQBUDS MAXReports have shown a significant improvement in auditory attention obtained. The ability to concentrate in background noise has been identified as a key factor influencing academic progress for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Ashburner et al. 2008)(www.nuheara.com)
  • TippyTalk allows service users with a verbal disability to communicate by translating pictures into text messages, which are then sent to a family member or caregiver’s phone.This allows the person who is non-verbal to communicate and express a desire, want, need or feeling.(www.tippy-talk.com)
  • Communication allows us to connect with others, build relationships and solve problems in a positive manner. It is important as social care workers that we are aware of our service users and treat them with upmost respect. Taking a person centred approach we can establish the needs and wants of our service users. To enable service users with Autism to communicate effectively with others. Through the use of assistive technology. With the aim to enchance the overall wellbeing of the service user, Increasing their self esteem and enabling them to led independent lifes.