U.1 comic

Updated: 8/30/2021
U.1 comic

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  • Tomorow we have a speech test should I start with a adage 
  • Nah i would go with a excerpt of a book.
  • if i get an A+ i could evolve to an B for my overall grade.
  • yeah but you wont if you keep being churlish.
  • she wants us to preclude wikipedia i was thinking about copying speeches form there.
  • if you stop being laggard you will get an A
  • *rings*
  • well i need to revert because i made a mistake on my paper
  • alright just don't wrangle at me
  • alright just don't wrangle at me
  • you see john jostle people out of the way for lunch?
  • yeah he is so discordant with all the teachers.
  • last night while being a vigil for my dog when she went to go out we went back inside but it was dark so i had to grope my way to find the light
  • ooh i think the bell ringed we gotta go