Rock Cycle
Updated: 2/14/2020
Rock Cycle
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A journey from Metamorphic to Igneous and lastly, to sedimentary.

Storyboard Text

  • I started as a Metamorphic Rock
  • After extreme heat and being exposed to the mantle, I turned into magma.
  • I then got pushed up through magma currents and quickly crystallized. I became an extrusive igneous rock.
  • You can't see me now, but the rain weathered and eroded me into this river! I am now sediment.
  • After quite some pressure, I became a sedimentary rock.
  • And that is what the rock cycle is. Some very important parts of the rock cycle is rocks, obviously, but also water, as it is the main eroder and weatherer of just about everything. Another key part is the planet itself. The planet provides heat and pressure, and consists of the rock required for the cycle. I hope you enjoyed the storyboard!! : )
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